Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sailing the Ocean Blue

In July 1852, the vessel Orleans arrived into a New York port with a crew and passengers, several of whom are my ancestors.  On one particular document, I found it interesting to learn that Christian was a man servant, perhaps to pay for his voyage to America.  (This is one of several loose ends that needs to be clarified.)
According to the documentation below Christian, his parents, and several siblings traveled to America.  I cannot read the first sibling, who was age 17 at that time.  When I began researching this family, I found evidence of a brother George and three sibling sisters, Elizabeth, Susanna, and Dorothea.  Again, this needs further research before I can go any further with this research.

Before I travel to New York, I hope to find answers to my questions at the Maryland State Archives.  Because, if what I found is true, the family largely lived in Baltimore, Maryland. 
So, many questions and loose ends need to be tied before I accept any of this as gospel.  I hope that social media will help connect me to families with connections to Johann Christoph Monath, Christian, and all his children.  So, I invite readers to comment on what you may know about this family.  My personal email is  Hope to hear from someone.  Thank you for reading about this Monath journey.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

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From New York to Baltimore ...The How and Why

Welcome to my new blog, The Monaths.  Over the past few years, I dabbled off and on with this family, and now have the opportunity to dive right in to learn more:
  • about their arrival to America.
  • the why and how they ended up in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • who might be still living descendants of this mysterious family.
  • and to locate the holder of a large wooden wheel with names and pictures of my Monath relatives and ancestors that was at the last of the Monath reunions (1974 or 1975) that were held at Big Pipe Creek in Taneytown, Maryland.
I had clues that helped me to launch this journey: 
  • according to the passenger list, the family arrived in the Port of New York on the ship, Orleans, dated 21 Jul 1852.  My ggg grandparents signed as Christoph (age 50) and Dorothea (age 50).  They brought with them three children - Christian (my gg grandfather who was 15), Dorothea (age 4), and one other name that is not clear (age 17).  I am finding others but am not 100% certain how they connect.
  • Christian married twice - wife #1 Marie Catharine Landgruber/Landgarber/Landgraber (I am named for her), and wife #2 Catherine Krentzer. 
The names that I found connected to this family include:
  • Warehime
  • Wildasin
  • Mang
  • Ebert
  • Metzger
  • Ochse
  • Hughes
  • Beaver
  • ...that is enough for now.
That being said, I appreciate new readers to my blog, information connecting me to more descendants and possible relatives of this family, and ideas on how to connect the dots.

I am on Facebook in a group specific to the Monaths. 

Thank you, everyone!!  I look forward to hearing from you.